Murcia, Cartagena & Los Alcazares


Murcia city is the 7th largest city in Spain and relatively undiscovered as a destination. It has a population of about 450,000 people. The Segura River runs through the city and is surrounded by two mountain ranges in the Segura valley

Murcia is a historic city with fantastic architectural buildings, including the cathedral and many churches and museums. Take some time to wander through the city and enjoy the beautiful modern facilities.


The port of Cartagena, in the Mediterranean Sea on the Costa Calida, is famous since the times of Carthage. Thanks to its strategic location on the coast of Murcia, the city is influenced by different cultures and have left an impressive artistic heritage. The Roman Theatre and the Necropolis are examples of this. A tour of the city and its museums will let you do with a history of a city that is closely linked to the sea knowledge.

Los Alcazares

Los Alcazares is an old fishing village on the Costa Calida (warm coast) in the Murcia region of Spain. The city is located on the western shore of the Mar Menor, a saltwater lagoon separated from the Mediterranean by a 22 kilometer long strip of land called La Manga. Mar Menor is always 3-4 degrees C warmer than the Mediterranean and the area has an average of 320 sunny days a year. Along the beaches there is a variety of bars, cafes and restaurants with drinks, tapas, meals and entertainment. The warm and shallow waters of the Mar Menor makes it a mecca for sailing, kite surfing and windsurfing.